General Production Information

Production Team


composer Rachel Portman
librettist Nicholas Wright
director Francesca Zambello
conductor Patrick Summers/James Lowe
set and costume designer Maria Bjørnson

Voice (10 + Chorus)

Orchestration (+ 13 Strings)

Prince Boy Soprano
Pilot Baritone
Fox Mezzo-soprano
Rose Soprano (Leggero)
Water Soprano (Bigger Voiced)
Snake, Vain Man Tenor
Lamplighter, Drunkard Tenor
Businessman Baritone
Geographer Bass
King Baritone
Stars, Birds Chorus of 20 Children

Please note:
*The latter four male singers double as a male quartet of Baobobs in Act One
*The latter four male singers double as the Hunters in Act Two
*The three women soloists make up the trio of Roses in Act Two

2 Flutes (2nd doubling piccolo)
1 Oboe (doubling English Horn)
2 Clarinets (2nd doubling Bass Clarinet)
1 Bassoon (doubling Contra Bassoon)

1 Trumpet
1 Horn

1 Trombone
2 Percussion